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We're thrilled to welcome you to our educational research experiment! This is your chance to dive into the world of machine learning while helping advance educational research. MacLea is a research project designed to serve as an educational tool to teach elementary schoolers and professionals without a programming background about AI and machine learning.

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This is where you can see lessons to understand AI and machine learning! These tutorials are created for elementary school students and professionals with no experience with programming. The tutorials are intended to be looked at in the order they are placed below.

The yellow-highlighted sections have runnable demos so that you can see the AI running!

AI and Machine Learning

1 What Is It?
2 Reasons to Learn
3 What We'll Do

Getting Started

1 Loading
2 Model
3 Classify
4 Let's Try Running It!

Neural Networks

1 Creating the Brain
2 Flatten
3 Fully Connected Layer
4 Let's Run Our Neural Network!
5 Activation (Part 1)
6 Activation (Part 2)
7 Let's Run Our Fully Complete Neural Network!

Convolutional Neural Networks  

1 Creating a Super Smart Brain
2 Loading Clothes
3 Convolution
4 Operations (Part 1)
5 Let's Run Our Fully Complete CNN!

Model Settings

1 Optimizer
2 Epochs
3 Loss
4 Let's Run Our Very Smart CNN!


1 Activation (Part 3)
2 Activation (Part 4)
3 Operations (Part 2)
4 Summary and Conclusion


1 Survey
2 Recurrent Neural Networks (experimental)