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We're thrilled to welcome you to our educational research experiment! This is your chance to dive into the world of machine learning while helping advance educational research. MacLea is a research project designed to serve as an educational tool to teach elementary schoolers and professionals without a programming background about AI and machine learning.

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About Us

MacLea is a simple programming tool that makes machine learning easy to learn for everyone.

The goal of the MacLea Project is to make machine learning easy to learn for everyone — from students, to professionals, to anyone at all! We provide resources that make creation easy and make complex programming fun! MacLea serves as a great stepping stone into real world programming and is a learning tool.

MacLea was created as a UROP project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Project Manager / Creator

Kent Brought
Kent Brought

Kent is an undergraduate student at MIT studying Computer Science and Engineering. He manages the MacLea Project and focuses on leading design and development.

UROP Advisor

Professor Vincent Monardo
Vincent Monardo

Professor Monardo is a professor at MIT in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. He lectures about machine learning in his 6.390 [6.036] class. He is the UROP advisor for the MacLea Project.

Tools for Schools

This curriculum features educational materials tailored for classroom use of MacLea. It is designed for teachers and provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand introduction to machine learning to integrate advanced technology concepts in teaching.

These promotional posters are perfect for displaying around schools to spread the word about MacLea!

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Proud support from the Class of 1992 UROP Fund and Ralph L. Evans (1948) Endowment Fund!